About Me

Inside each of us, there resides a desire to create. Often, we are unaware or perhaps too busy to know it, but we are created--to create!
I've discovered an outlet that lets me express the creative side of who I am. This outlet is pottery.

Being raised in the Canadian Rockies, I've always loved nature and the outdoors. This love of nature shows up in my pottery. I experiment with various glazes, often combining multiple glazes and firings to get the natural, earth tones that bring me back to the nature. The pieces themselves reflect an earthy feel--each has its personality and characteristics that make it unique. No two pieces are alike.

Creating each piece is a process that starts at the most basic level. A slab of clay is removed from a large block, and a dance between the potter and the clay begins. Each reacts to the other, and the slightest movement sends the dance in a specific direction, often unplanned. Patience and practice allow a beautiful dance to form, and the vessel that results is usually very different than the one originally intended. As a result, each piece has a story to tell. Ultimately, a labor of love and creativity took place, and I find that very rewarding.

Someone will use each vessel. It may be used daily or taken out for that special occasion. Perhaps someone will pass it on to the next generation. In our impersonal world of digital living, these things keep us grounded and can inspire us to be creative. The soul finds fulfillment when it can be channeled into something beautiful, as God intended.

Welcome to The Potter's Touch. I hope you find a piece that inspires you, just as it has me.